We provide professional translations at competitive prices.

We deal with each translation project on an individual basis, which is why we ask you to send us your materials and documents for a quote, free of charge.

The price depends on many factors, including the language, deadline, size of text, level of difficulty, etc.

  • Price for 1 page of standard translation*

    from 30 zł net

  • Price for 1 page of certified translation (sworn translation)*

    from 40 zł net

  • Price for 1 hour of consecutive interpreting

    from 100 zł net

  • Simultaneous interpreting

    fee set on an individual basis, minimum of 4 hours

  • Attractive discounts available for regular clients and on large orders.


Prices do not include VAT (23%).

A standard page of translation – 1800 characters with spaces

A page of certified translation (sworn translation) – 1125 characters with spaces